My Art Classroom

I teach k-3rd grade art. Am not a certified teacher am just blessed with a God given tallent that I shair with about 500 little people each week.
Lets start with the tiger picture above. Our school theme one year was Safari. I got lucky at the thrift store and found this huge stuffed tiger for $12. Brand new, he would have been closer to $200. I placed two boxes on the counter top and covered them with brown shipping paper that I had wadded up and gently spray painted with silver paint. Then added a few fake plants to finish the jungle look. Was a huge hit with the kids and a great photo opp all year long for anyone who passed my room.
One of the art projects my 2nd graders made that year. They got to choose a paper with either an elephant, giraffe or monkey outine on it. I gave them a cardboard circle they could place anywhere on their paper and trace with a yellow crayon. Filling the circle/moon in with the yellow crayon as heavy and dark as they could. After that they used ONLY a black crayon and filled in thier animal coloring as heavy and dark as they could. Then they added grass/ground and a tree if they wanted. VERY important to color dark on this. Then we placed our pictures on folded newspaper and used water color paint to make our sunset in the background. Start painting from one side of the paper, right over the crayon and to the other side of the paper. The paint wont stick to the crayon. Its ok if they get messy and the colors run together a little. Will make it look a little more like a blended sunset. Have fun!!