Stenciled Desk Top

Posted by Dawn S on July 7, 2012 at 10:15 PM

I saw a table in where the lady had stencil painted the top of the table, then stained over it. Thought I would do something like that to this old desk. My husband was using this at his battery starter and alternator shop. It was all covered in dirt and car parts. I talked him out of it so I would have a nice sewing station at home to work on my Memory Bears.

I had to scrub and clean the desk several times. Sanded the top with an electric sander. Stained the top and lower legs. Then painted the desk a Frosted Pine color. I took the cheep way out (not recomended) and used a little stencil. Was hard to match it up and one can see the breaking point beween each lay of the stencle. I would recomend you buy the big wall stencil so you dont half to move it as often. (Wished I had bought one) They have some nice ones at and at Hobby Lobby. After everything dried good I added a few coats of Polyurethane to the top. I also ended up having a piece of glass cut to go on top. Love the way it turned out!

(my ugly desk before and the Pinterest insperation piece.)

link to the {Awesome} Paisley Stenciled Table

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